This Page presents information that will be useful to people new to the Winter Trail Run Series (WTRS) and San Juan Trail 50K.

Beginner's problem #1

How do I get to the Blue Jay Campground - the start and finish location for the WTRS, the San Juan Trail 50K and the Saddleback Mountain Marathon?

A. The verbal instructions from Orange County are on the flyer.
B. We made the following annotated aerial view using a Garmin 205 GPS:

(click on this or any any picture to see a larger detailed version)

C. Just before the turn off from Ortega Highway there will be balloons and white chalk arrows on the ground.  Soon as you make that turn you will see the view below.  You will see more arrows at the "T" intersection and once more at the left turn into the Blue Jay campground.

D. People coming up the Ortega Highway 74 from Lake Elsinore will take a right hand turn off of Hwy 74, soon after passing the OUTLOOK view area and when you see the sign for Blue Jay.  This will be a much shorter route for you than coming down to the turnoff (shown above) that the people from Orange County use.

Beginner's problem #2
How hard are these mountain trail courses?

Here is the 12K route superimposed on a satellite view of the Blue Jay area.  This was gathered from a Garmin Forerunner 205 GPS and uploaded to to be automatically superimposed on a Google Earth map.

Here is the altitude profile:

The race starts at 3,300' elevation, goes up a bit, ends up going down to 2,900', back up to 3,100', down to 2,760', back up again to 3,100', down again to 2,730', then one last climb to 3,400' before going back to the start at 3,300'.  That adds up to 1,210' of ascents, BUT the GARMIN 205 GPS's software counts every SINGLE rolling up and down, tells us the route actually has a total of 3,842' of ascents.  That is 3/4 of a mile of ups!  It is fun and very scenic!

Here is the summary:
Beginner's problem #3
How do I know where the trail goes? I would hate to get lost out there.

Trail runners solved this problem years ago!  Just look for white powder chalk arrows on the ground at any junction that is not obvious.  Just BEFORE you get to any junction where you have to make a turn, there will be a couple of ribbons hanging from tree branches or brush.  Once you make the turn their will be more hanging ribbons that CONFIRM you are going in the proper direction.

If you have any additional questions call or EMail your friendly Race Director

Contact BAZ at or leave a message 949-830-5008 before 9pm

See you at the WTRS races, mates!

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