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Baz's famous Winter Trail Run Series starts this year off with five shorter trail runs in the
Cleveland National Forest, close to San Juan Capistrano, CA.   Great training for an ultra!

2015 Winter Trail Run Series
Multi distance trail runs increasing from 7.5 to 18.6 miles

Saturday DATE

Jan 3 12K 1,310' Register for 12K
Jan 17 15K 1,327' Register for 15K
Jan 31 18K 1,429' Register for 18K
Feb 14 21K 2,850' Register for 21K
Mar 7 30K 3,533' Register for 30K

Click HERE to register ON-LINE at Race360.com


Blue Jay Campground, Cleveland National Forest. Take Ortega Highway (SR 74) inland (east) of San Juan Capistrano about 21-22 miles from Interstate 5 and turn left at the wooden sign to Los Pinos Camp. The turn will be marked, as will be the route to Blue Jay.

Start: All races start at 8:30 AM, following the trail briefing.
Entry Fee: Pre-entry - $45.00 for 12K, 15K & 18K RACES; $55 for 21K; $65 for 30K.  Add $5 for race day registration . If you enter two or more races, you receive a race series t-shirt. If you enter and finish all five races, you also receive a special race series sweatshirt. (Extra official race series shirts are available for $20.)  Sign up early as the Forest Service limits entries to 150 runners per raceNo refunds.

Varying looped courses on single-track trails in the Cleveland National Forest between 2,200 and 4,200 feet elevation. Courses are marked with yellow ribbon and white arrows.

Aid Stations:

Only the 21K and 30K races will have aid stations.

Weather: Weather is generally clear with temperatures of 50 - 70.  Always magic for running, but come prepared for all possible conditions. Rain or shine - the races will go on.
Awards: Overall awards to top three men and woman, age group awards
Plus Baz’s magic RAFFLE.

Overnight Camping at Blue Jay:

Big BAZ suggests if you wish to spend the night in Blue Jay Campground before a race, you must pay the overnight fee located near the entrance.  Plus all fires must be contained and completely put out before leaving the parking site.  You will be find a penalty if you don't obey the rules.    Thanks Big BAZ.
General Information: All vehicles must display a day parking permit issued by the U.S. Forest Service $5 - which you can also purchase at local sports stores). You must park in designated areas only in lower Blue Jay.  Leave your pets at home.    Please thank local race sponsors by buying their products:
The Snail's Pace running store and Crank Sports of San Juan Capistrano.

Parking on right side only on blacktop, no double-parking.  Trail briefing before the start with any late changes, come early. Bring a chair, food and drink will be available for all entrants at the finish line.

You can still enter the races the old fashioned way by sending in a check:
Click HERE to register with official MAIL-IN entry form.
Click HERE for a printable entry form to hand out to your friends.
For more info contact BAZ the RD 949-830-5008 or bazhawley@sti.net

Course Maps  & 3D Views of the WTRS Events
Double click on the Flyby Tour links and wait for Google Earth to zoom in from orbit to the view that shows the red outline of the entire course.  Once it stabilizes, click on PLAY TOUR button or select PLAY TOUR from the drop down VIEW menu.   That starts the animated flyover of the entire course.  Awesome!  Click HERE for more hints on setting up your Google Earth options for best viewing of Flyby Tours

Jan 3

Aerial View of the 12K Course

Google Earth 3D view of the 12K terrain
12K Race Google Earth Flyby Tour

GPS record of the elevation changes.  The Garmin sums all those ups and downs.  the 12K climbs a TOTAL of 1/2 mile (1,310 feet)!  The Garmin measured a distance of 8.15 miles, whereas 12K = 7.456 miles (we run an extra 9% = 0.7 mile).
Jan 17

Aerial View of the 15K Course

Google Earth 3D view of the 15K terrain

15K Race Google Earth Flyby Tour

 The 15K climbs a TOTAL of 2/3rds of a mile (1,327 feet)!  The Garmin measured a distance of 9.39 miles, whereas 15 kilometers = 9.32 miles.  Baz did good!
Jan 31  18K
Aerial View of the 18K Course

Google Earth 3D view of the 18K terrain

18K Race Google Earth Flyby Tour

 the 18K climbs a TOTAL of 3/4ths of a mile (1,429 feet)!  The Garmin measured a distance of 10.65 miles, whereas 18 kilometers = 11.18 miles mathematically. 
Feb 14

Aerial View of the 21K Course

Google Earth 3D view of the 21K terrain

21K Race Google Earth Flyby Tour

 the 21K climbs a TOTAL of over 1/2 of a mile (2,850 feet)!  The Garmin measured a distance of 12.68 miles, whereas 21 kilometers = 13.05 miles mathematically.  Almost exactly a half marathon distance.
Mar 3

The 30K route is just the first part of Big Baz's San Juan Trail 50K.  It starts at Blue Jay & goes out to Ortega Highway (where the Candy Store is located) and loops around before getting back on the same trail back to Blue Jay.

Here is a better 3D view of the loop.  The 30K aid station is in the parking lot on this side of Ortega Highway opposite the Candy Store.

Here is the 30K Elevation Profile (extracted from the San Juan Trail 50K GPS data).

If you haven't done a trail race before and or don't know exactly how to get to the
Blue Jay site for the starts of the races click
Beginner's Page.

Scenes from past WTRS Events



table activity

OK Matey's gather around - the time has come to give out the awards!

Big Baz & Michelle Barton


Pay attention to the arrows

Kyle and dad Eric Kosters finished in 1:53:28

No, I absolutely will not take bribes or hugs for the best raffle prizes!
Pam Everett on the trail.

Ryan from Rhode Island had fun at the WTRS!

Doug Malewicki's graphical comment on his 15K trail crash & burn!
Last minute pre-race  instructions

The biggest "obstacle" of the day appears in the last half mile along Falcon Trail

YES - I love this job!!
Big Baz & Kurt Erlandson

Polly Crawford

Wait till I can run! 
I want a medal &
a hug from BIG BAZ!

To contact Big Baz Hawley:  email bazhawley@sti.net