November 28, 2015
STRS 20K Results

2015 SIERRA TRAIL RUN SERIES 20K … Story … Nov. 28

Morning….. We had another very chilly winter morning in lovely Oakhurst.  But we did manage to pull off a fun race at Buck Ridge Rec Area near Hensley Lake. Oh yes, it was cold at 7am when me and my mates arrived to pay our 4 bucks and set up the registration area in the parking lot.  There was one vehicle that beat us and I know it was me mate, Big Nate, who had promised to check out his course markings from the day before. Of course, it was Nate who helped set up the final race after being told the race up near Nelder Grove was not on because of snow and other concerns at 5,000 feet. Hey the new location worked out fine, including the magic weather we had after the start at 8:28 AM... I have never started a trail race before the actual listed start time in 30 plus years of being an RD in California. Wonders will never cease!

Another compact turn-out for the start… Lovely Karen accepted 25 starters, but the laughter was abound, everyone joining in the abuse, including my comments about a bloody dog wanting to do the course.  Hey I can’t refuse my old mate Scott B… he said they would start their walk early as he had invited 3 nice Sheilas to the race. OK by me.  Big Nate had returned from inspecting the ribbons etc… so he had the privilege of telling the runners the course details.  Me, myself have never been on it, but Nate had already held an event in the hood this year.  The temp had not reached 45 degrees, but when the sun rose higher we got lucky to maybe reach 52 I think.  The few that waited at the end of the first loop made sure a few bikers were told of the ongoing run.  The other visitors include Frisbee players, not heard of it before myself, but there is an actual sport where by people throw different style Frisbees over a designated wooded course. Good to watch, but maybe not my game!

Well, after waiting awhile the first runner appeared and it was series winner and local champ JK, closely followed by my Corona mate Matt Ruiz…. One runner missing was my other mate Rick who I expected would be at least in the top 3.  But either he got lost with poor course markings or it was too cold for the 49 year-old. Runners came through grabbing water drinks, 2 accepted a beer I had on hand.  Finally me mate, Rick Herr, arrived with a not so good look, his calf muscle had gone crook, so he decided 10K was enough.  Big Dave Miller had the same misfortune out on the course, but managed to cross the finish line.  I offered him snow to be used as an ice pack from the roof of Karen’s vehicle… Oh yes Fish Camp had many inches of snow a few nights ago. All injuries will mend in time.

The women’s division was going to plan for Michelle Van Ornan, but there was stiff competition among the first 3 or 4 gals. My favorite Corona lady was hoping for a good run, but at 49 maybe it is time to hang up the running boots. ( Joke).. Arriving behind all the other runners at the half way point and feeling the wear and tear of travel and her Thanks Giving 10K race in SJC, plus complaining about my home being cold… hey she was not a happy camper.  But showing her determination and to make a point she took off for her second loop smiling.  By now, of course, the overall winner had arrived, and being a good bloke offered to do a third loop with his school teacher partner.  Nice touch I thought.

JK managed to take second place with 65 year old Dave Miller coming in third. Michelle was 7th overall and Erin Burke was only 135 seconds back, followed by Leslie Lescoulie 34 seconds behind Erin. We had a few drops, but all in all I think the runners did good with all runners saying it was a nice course.  The Awards were well accepted and, of course, the Magic Raffle was enjoyed by all in the crowd. Seems everyone received something they will keep forever.

My next event in the area is Shadow of the Giants 50K June 11, 2016… I hope to see many of you either running the 50K, but if not, the 20K as a fun run is always popular. Official entries will be out early next year. I did hear Michelle and JK promise to attend one of my WTRS in Southern CA… hey that is magic to. Lastly thanks to all my help on race day, we have a good team including my new mate Big Nate who is looking forward to taking over Shadow at some time along with all his many races on trails and black top. Thanks Brandon and family.

I hope you all keep running through the winter, remember running slow in training works, save the fast stuff for when you put on your Big Baz magic bib number. Hope you frequent my web site and my email works, anytime.  I always enjoy the races, I hope you do to.

Always Much Love from Big BAZ XXX   Don’t forget you can email me anytime 

1 Matt Ruiz m 35 1:36:23
2 J.K. Lundberg m 35 1:40:53
3 Dave Muller m 65 1:52:48
4 Maximo Roldan m 52 1:55:19
5 Collin Spence m 42 1:56:02
6 Clint Pollack m 45 1:58:55
7 Michele Van Ornan f 46 1:59:25
8 Erin Burke f 36 2:01:40
9 Carly Acosta f 32 2:11:19
10 Leslie Lescoulie f 35 2:11:53
11 Jodi Holeman f 35 2:16:01
12 Michael Morales m 46 2:16:12
13 Chris Gularte m 50 2:17:12
14 John Edie m 59 2:23:22
15 Tanya Hammrich f 36 2:26:42
16 Brent Hammrich m 35 2:26:43
17 Judy Lindwall f 41 2:27:31
18 Oscar Ramirez m 44 2:29:50
19 Julia Holt f 49 3:14:22

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