October 17, 2015
Fish Camp

16K Results

Summer Trail Run Series 16K Fish Camp Report - Oct 17, 2015

2015 STRS 16K Story            

G’Day Each,

Well, where do all the stories start for the 16K Magic race… all be it only 15 runners crossed the finish line! Poor old Omen had a back problem, always next time mate.  Let’s start by thanking my good mates lovely Karen and McDoogal… without their support I would be staying home drinking red wine!  Maybe we should have all stayed home… Not!  Who knew the rain would come in such force to try and upset a tough group of trail runners, of course it didn’t! We all agree we need the wet stuff.

By the time I had reached my location to do my directing up the first major climb the first rain drops had arrived.  Didn’t have to wait long before me good mate JK came into view on his own.  Oh to have his running style, we had our usual hug and he took off as if he was running a street 10K.  My mate McDoogal had made his move up to his aid station spot, just hope JK didn’t get there first!  Slowly all the runners came by, all smiling I might add, the last runner Omen was struggling, seems he had a back problem, so I suggested doing the course in reverse, get to McDoogal and return if he was able.  I returned to find we had major water problems at the finish area… lovely Karen was cozy in her warm WTRS sweat shirt.  I made an effort to keep all the stuff dry, the heavy rain was not slowing down.

First into the parking area was JK at a 6 min pace!!!!  Happy as hell to be finished, but loved the challenge.  I asked him if he had seen Omen… not… so being the good man he is JK took off to go look for him on the course.  Runners were coming in OK… Clint Pollack told me of the flash flood on the course, I knew where it was, but when McDoogal and I marked the course the day before it was little more than a trickle. Hey not a real hardship for tough runners, no one complained. Second place woman Leslie Lescoulie, was not happy about her new street racing flats…. But she stuck to the high ground where possible.  Our women’s winner, Michele, had a tough first half, but then her attitude changed and she finished 5th overall. I was real happy to see everyone home… but there was one problem at the finish line, NO JK….he had missed seeing the last runner out on the course and ended up running 2 loops.  We agreed all good training for his flat marathon in a couple of weeks.  A good man!

The awards were presented in pouring rain, food was eaten and even a few beers were consumed.  The next and final race in the STRS will be Nov. 28th…Maybe snow!!!!  Come ready, we meet near the famous Nelder Grove, you will see the Giant 3,000 year old Sequoias. I will be there with my trusty helpers, only the Forest Service can stop the race.  The 18K course is part of the famous Shadow of the Giants 50K …. Magic.  Hope to see you all there, don’t forget bring a friend. We will present the King and Queen of the Mountain award.

Love Big BAZ XXX

Thanks.  I look forward to seeing you all again soon, any questions you have you can always email me at bazhawley@sti.net  

Results - 2015 STRS 16K - Oct 17
Place Name m/f age time
1 JK Lundberg 35 1:16:52
2 Maximo  Roldan 52 1:22:30
3 Clint  Pollack 45 1:23:39
4 Luis  Hernandez 27 1:24
5 Michele Van Ornan f 46 1:27:55
6 Chris Gularte 50 1:27:58
7 Leslie  Lescoulie f 35 1:29:51
8 Conrad  Reimer 32 1:30:33
9 Carly  Acosta f 32 1:31:46
10 Vanessa  Jasper f 36 1:34:55
11 John  Edie 59 1:37:38
12 Russell  Tevis 61 1:37:42
13 Judy  Lindwall f 41 1:37:48
14 Jodi  Holeman f 35 1:46:02
15 Katie Wara f 33 1:49:17


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