September 20, 2015
Bass Lake Vista
Summer Trail Run Series 14K Results

STRS Bass Lake Vista 14K Story - Sep 20, 2015


2015 STRS 14K Story

Good morning just got back from my Monday morning 90 minute walk in Oakhurst.  Got to thinking about our Sunday morning 14K… I think we all had a nice day up at 5,000 feet.  I am sorry for the small turn-out, seems there was a ½ run in Fresno on Saturday that got more attendance.  Hey who gives a …. Our friendly group enjoyed the cool weather, nicely marked course and no one got shot at!  And I am sorry you didn’t see my new mate the Big Black Cow.

I am so lucky having good mates that come out to help this old bloke, including my Kids from Southern California; they got back to Corona OK on Sunday evening.  Karen my dedicated Fish Camp helper did another magic job and, of course, trusty McDoogal looked after the runners out on the course as did me Fresno RD mate Nate. Hope the new visitors to the Sierras enjoyed their new experience, all seemed to enjoy the magic course, including the slight hill on the way back to the finish. No one had trouble with the trail markings… I return tomorrow to remove them on me bike!

All the winners where happy with their times and awards, if we can get more runners I will include age group awards… Don’t forget I need money for my wine.

Sorry lovely Tanya had an ankle problem and returned to the finish line via taxi.  She still owes me 6 bucks for the medical help, including my experience as a doctor!  Hope the Raffle was entertaining with the help of Matt and the birthday boy and winner of the race Rick Herr. Oh yes, there were certain loud individuals in the small crowd who wanted to steal the show… you know who you are! Hopefully for the next race you can all bring a mate or at least spread the word amongst your fellow runners.  The October 17th 16K up in Fish Camp will be a little tougher course, let’s hope for the same nice weather, although we sure need the rain in the Sierras.  Keep me posted on those wanting there series sweat shirt… you must finish all 3 races.  Just a reminder the final race on November 28th is held on the famous Shadow of the Giants 50K course and it could be very cool… bring a jacket.

Again thank you for coming, you can email me anytime with questions about the events, even if you were wanting to train in the area, there are so many thousands of miles of magic trails and over the years I have run most of them. Keep those slow miles going; it is then amazing how fast you can run on race day!    Much Love Big BAZ XXX

1 Rick Herr m 49 0:56:28
2 J.K. Lundberg m 35 0:59:54
3 Trent Sherman m 23 1:00:24
4 Matt Ruiz m 35 1:02:03
5 Maximo Roldan m 52 1:12:32
6 Clint Pollack m 45 1:14:30
7 Michele Van Ornan f 46 1:15:14
8 Luis Hernandez m 27 1:16:55
9 Chris Gularte m 50 1:17:03
10 Conrad Reimer m 32 1:17:48
11 Leslie Lescoulie f 35 1:19:13
12 Robert Lewis m 28 1:19:44
13 Carly Acosta f 32 1:21:16
14 Jodi Holeman f 35 1:22:31
15 Suzzanne Peek f 54 1:26:25
16 John Edie m 59 1:26:25
17 Bryan Acosta m 34 1:28:08
18 Julia Holt f 48 1:40:11
19 Omar Orozco m 27 1:52:33

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