June 6, 2015
26th Anniversary
Shadow of the Giants 50K

    2015 Shadow of the Giants 50K & 20K Fun Run - Race Report Story

G’Day ladies and gentlemen, I have finally got rid of my guests and got back to my minimal life style in Oakhurst.  Oh, what a magic weekend we had in Fish Camp…. again. The weather turned out to be a runner’s delight, same for the many volunteers spread over the magic 31 miles.  Green Meadows is still the best place to hold a race, and after 26 years I still think so.  Our pre-race meal was the best; my new mate Frank did a magic job in the kitchen. All the staff at GM is always helpful. of course.  I think I am the senior person after the school has gone through so many personnel changes. Funny they have never offered me a job of entertaining the kids that use the facility… if you know what I mean!

Nice to meet some new visitors to the hood, spreading the good word is what it is all about in the running world.  The nice emails I have received already tell me we should do it again next year and for sure that will be the plan.  My new Fresno mate, Nate Moore, will slowly take over the big chores, but I hope to entertain with my usual charming decorum for a few more races. At my age I just want to do more drinking and sex! Joke Joyce!  More info will appear on my site over the next months.

We did have many newbies who soon fitted in with the special runners that come to Green Meadows, I am very lucky to have had so many that return each year in June. Rob McNair being one who has attended all the 26 races… winning several of course. Maybe my style of controlling an event is a little different, but no one seems to complain.  Of course, you know my pleasant words for people who criticize or complain!  84 started at 12 after 7 AM including 25 lovely ladies. All seemed excited about their day ahead; of course there was a certain amount of abuse given by a few in the crowd towards the RD… always a few dick heads in a crowd.

At the first aid station I was helped by another new “big” mate Lance… we only had to wait minutes before Oswaldo arrived smiling and saying thanks for his water… he was running with a good mate Rick Herr who took the wrong turn after the first up-hill out of GM!!!  It was planned for him to do that! Wasn’t long before a steady flow of runners appeared, all seemed to be happy to see me!  After the last runner we took off to my other location on Jackson Road, where we only waited minutes before the two speedsters arrived to make a left turn to the 4th aid station.  My local mate John and wife Evelyn are enjoying helping and watching the runners cross big Sandy river crossing… yes there was one runner by the name of Matt who refused to get his feet wet… paid a female runner to carry him across! That maybe cheating mate!

The women’s race was also exciting with first time ultra-runner Taylor Heaton and Sarah Ferguson battling for first place.  Unfortunately, Taylor ran by the 5th aid station and did not run the 1 mile loop at the big trees; this gave her the lead which she carried on to GM and the finish Line.  She really didn’t bother to use the aid station, because she didn’t need aid, but this meant she cut the course by a mile. Upset, but a few social drinks later she was OK! Sarah didn’t know any of this and went on to finish with a great time and happy to win.

Of course Mr., Lopez was controlling his lead throughout the magic course and finished a little slower than previous years. But second place finisher Justin Torres was having a great run and at the later aid stations he seemed to be gaining on the champ. 23 year old Charlie Klinger enjoyed his day, coming in 3rd overall.  2nd in the women’s division was Leilani Robinson only 6 minutes behind Sarah, third place was 46 year old Michelle Van Ornum and 14th overall.  My mate Nate managed to get top ten, but behind the first women!!! The oldest runner to finish the 50K was 76 year Old Geezer himself, Doug Malewicki.  The only other decision my board had to make was concerning Garret Main, a good man who also missed doing the 1 mile loop out of aid station 5. The decision not to include him in the results was made and I went along, one hope he will return next year. Sorry mate, I hope you understand.

Yes, 2 bears where spotted on the course, no problems! Everyone enjoyed the course and the weather. The awards went well with our finish-line girl, Karen, doing her usual magic job taking numbers, etc.  The raffle was a laugh, many runners won very intriguing and expensive prizes we give out every year!

Must thank all the volunteers who give their usual off day, to help an old bloke. Trust me, without the support it just wouldn’t happen. I will keep you all posted on all the updates for next June’s race, but I will be there for sure.  I do hope the 20K runners enjoyed their fun run, again no complaints, one hopes the challenge of the 50K distance attracts them next year. For those who live in the Central Valley area I do have a 3 race series starting September 19th… three shorter trail races above Oakhurst, again check my race calendar or contact Nate Moore’s site,  www.sanjoaquinrunning.com   

Nearly forgot to thank our new course photographer…
Check his site: www.ploenphoto.com 

Darryl has very reasonable $15 fee for high resolution photo downloads.  His gallery more than likely has some nice photos of YOU either stomping through the creek or finishing.  Sorry to say my, old mate Mark Haymond, our usual photo man has had a health problem, we all wish him well and a return to Fish Camp.

One last note to tell Patti we will all miss her smiling face forever.

So my fellow mates and Julia this is me opening another bottle and I just hope to see you all at some time…. Keep up those slow miles like I try to.      Much Love Big BAZ XX... and Thanks McDoogal

1 Oswaldo Lopez m 43 3:54:14
2 Justin Torres m 41 3:56:13
3 Charles Klinger m 23 4:21:35
4 Vincent Juarez m 29 4:21:51
5 Adam Van Berckelaer m 37 4:26:01
6 Armando Figuero m 59 4:27:05
7 Matt Ruiz m 35 4:28:42
8 Dennis Koors m 43 4:29:50
9 Sarah Ferguson f 29 4:32:37
10 Nate Moore m 32 4:34:31
11 Leilani Robinson f 34 4:38:11
12 Scott Luchesi m 49 4:41:22
13 Jason Roche m 41 4:42:43
14 Michelle Van Ornum f 46 4:45:46
15 Marty Zucker m 55 4:49:11
16 Justin Harris m 38 4:53:11
17 Michelle Lines f 34 4:54:37
18 Timothy Hendricks m 29 4:56:14
19 Katie Burns f 30 4:59:37
20 Bobby Kearney m 48 5:00:36
21 Ryan Smith m 35 5:13:08
22 Morgan Lines m 35 5:18:08
23 Jonathon Resnick m 54 5:22:26
24 Patrick Ferguson m 31 5:22:27
25 Treacy Sommer m 56 5:26:02
26 Joelle Busman f 25 5:26:29
27 Matt Langer m 35 5:26:29
28 Rafael Covarrubias m 46 5:33:39
29 Zachary Wallace m 22 5:34:25
30 Freddy Luis m 38 5:36:40
31 Jim Skelding m 44 5:39:34
32 Josh Lamb m 23 5:44:07
33 Elizabeth Epstein f 60 5:45:31
34 Diana Rush f 54 5:46:24
35 Brad Stagge m 42 5:47:24
36 Rob McNair m 60 5:49:21
37 Calvin Lee m 47 5:51:45
38 Carly Acosta f 32 5:51:54
39 Greg Tice m 58 5:53:15
40 Bill Davis m 55 5:54:13
41 Soohan Kim m 60 5:54:36
42 Michelle Wensk f 36 5:56:33
43 Kristopher Madaus m 41 5:57:07
44 Sean Starr m 25 5:58:01
45 Marcia Rasmussen f 55 6:09:18
46 Paul Struffert m 60 6:19:40
47 Sharon Luk f 35 6:22:28
48 Anton Arragado m 33 6:22:28
49 Sarah Barron f 55 6:25:00
50 Stephen Lutz m 49 6:31:44
51 Moyan Kim f 50 6:34:27
52 Raffaella Guastamacchio f 41 6:34:43
53 Mark Spencer m 53 6:35:03
54 Emmett Rahl m 44 6:38:45
55 Diane Kato f 59 6:39:55
56 Bob Ulloa m 65 6:39:55
57 Jeff Russell m 55 6:41:49
58 Tim Mullican m 55 6:44:46
59 Jodi Holeman f 35 6:49:48
60 Kwon Young-Sook f 61 6:54:13
61 Yeon Hu f 54 6:54:15
62 Kyung Hu m 54 6:54:15
63 Howard Gest m 63 7:01:40
64 Debra Hanschar f 59 7:02:20
65 Wayne Farrar m 67 7:02:21
66 Matt Radeski m 55 7:03:34
67 Brian Tsuyuki m 63 7:03:34
68 Scott Browar m 63 7:07:18
69 Daniel Guzman m 32 7:08:08
70 Dan Marinski m 56 7:10:33
71 Dustin Acree m 36 7:12:31
72 Egzine Richardson f 57 7:23:43
73 John Loesschorn m 71 7:23:53
74 Tessa Silva-Mathews f 49 7:28:12
75 Janet Hayes f 59 7:32:25
76 Shawn Patterson m 37 7:35:47
77 Ben Anella m 70 7:37:59
78 Martin Diekhoff m 45 8:02:45
79 Doug Malewicki m 76 8:33:43
80 Tessa Lucero f 52 8:37:03
81 Caroline Shahin f 56 8:37:03
82 James Sewell m 57 8:57:05

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Shadow 50K photos below provided by  Doug Malewicki.
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(The South entrance to Yosemite National Park is just 2 miles past the Green Meadows turn off)




Garmin 610 GPS elevation profile from the June 8, 2013 Shadow 50K

GPS plot of the course.