February 14, 2015
21K Results

Winter Trail Run Series 21K  - February 14, 2015 - Valentine's Day

2015 WTRS 21K Story

There was no Valentines Massacre…. But my dear jogging friends we had a few that got close to being shot on sight back at Blue Jay… More later!

All in all the 90 or so starters enjoyed a magic summers days in the Cleveland National Forest.  The pre- race set up always goes to plan with the help of my trusty crew; I am a lucky boy to have such smart, understanding and attractive, of course… Help.  Enough of that Shit!  We are always ready for the early birds, one being Mr. Glen Racz, a first timer to the WTRS.  By 8:25 we had about 18 late entrants including a few newbies that where unfamiliar with our Robin Hood atmosphere and that’s OK cos they soon got into the swing of things.  The summer’s day pleased everyone, except my thoughts on whether we had enough water up at Trabuco Trail Head… My mate Maurie did leave on time to set up his truck…. He goes in for a hip replacement on Wednesday, we wish him well. As usual I try to keep the runners interested by educating them on different aspects of the course etc etc. But maybe didn’t spend enough time on explaining there is a sharp right turn down Trabuco that is always well marked by my mate Doug. Saturday was no exception cos everyone that was asked said it was magic…. And only idiots would ignore the giant X sign. Of course, that happened…. More later.

As for the race, newbie Glen and old mate Dean Dobberteen took off as though their asses where on fire so we knew there was going to be a real race.  They were together at the Horse Thief Trail turn… the one that is well marked!  They were still close at the top and along the Main Dived Road.  That is how it finished at Blue Jay… Glen won with a smile and big Dean was less than two minutes behind.  51 year old Mark Donaldson surprised himself with taking third overall.  Me mate Matt Ruiz was very happy coming in fourth and must say thanks to my long time mate Evadio Neri.  So many runners did good on a warm day.

In the women’s department Laura Morris again took the honors in finishing just over 2 hours on a real tough, but well-marked course! My young friend and top WTRS trail runner for years, Annie Cierna, has moved on from UCI.  Our new brainy PhD is working in research at the Davis campus.  She returned for one of the 2015 series races and came in second; was real happy. Local "Whoos in El Moro" RD Molly Kassouf worked real hard and took third place and a young 54 year old Michelle Racict was close in 4th place.

The awards festivities were again controlled by my mates Jezza and Matt…. Somewhat!  Our quiz questions where again a test for some and the support I get from donations from runners is greatly appreciated.  All a team effort to make at tough race-day special. Yes, we have 2 more races to prepare for, the 12K on the 28th and the tough 30K on March 7th…. The Series Sweats will be printed and ready at the 12K, for those finishing 4 of the 5 races.

Finally a personal comment on what transpired on the 21K.  Firstly, I understand perfectly trail running and its' requirements, having been there and done that over 35 years.  Yes, I have made wrong turns and the newbies have the same problems today as I did in Western States back in 81. Today Race directors are fully aware of the challenges a trail runner goes though and take the safety of the runners to heart. But some entrants feel it is not a race and use the event as a personal challenge just to say they finished.  Yes, you have a winner and usually lots of followers, some of the slower ones just run slow, all that is acceptable. A rule of thumb I have followed is the winning time is a standard to guess what the slowest time (about double) will be, JUST A GUESTIMATE! RDs hope that runners respect the event and the many helpers that are needed on race day to make it a successful race for all. Runners sometimes bite off more they can chew if you know what I mean, and shit happens on race day. But not telling someone you are retiring from the race and just leaving the scene is real tough, this is not a street race, although I know it happens there too. Not following the course marking is a personal mistake, knowing they are made for a reason. In future, I will endeavor to instruct, especially first timers, to be fully aware of the challenge. I definitely don’t want to stop runners from entering, but I just want runners to consider more the mental and physical effort needed in tough trail runs.  I know most if not all of you understand my concern and thanks for listening. 

Again thanks to Maurie, Julia, Rick, Matt, Jezza and me long time mate Bob.  Must thank all my race day friends that hang around and help at Blue Jay, much appreciated by all.   See ya at the 12K…. for those wanting to enter now, must send your entry in soon, our limit is still 150 runners. Much Love and Hugs to all.   Big BAZ XXXXX

Love and Happy Valentines to all me ladies!  BIG BAZ XOXOX  

Results - 2015 WTRS 21K - February 14
1 Glen Racz m 35 1:38:39
2 Dean Dobberteen m 39 1:40:22
3 Mark Donaldson m 51 1:43:46
4 Matt Ruiz m 34 1:51:40
5 Evodio Neri m 43 1:55:15
6 Jimmy Adames m 47 1:55:47
7 Matt Kafka m 39 1:58:55
8 Mike Bell m 33 2:01:04
9 Kurt Whittington m 37 2:01:48
10 Old Jezza Fetzer m 44 2:02:54
11 Steve De La Cruz m 40 2:02:55
12 Gilbert Salazar m 42 2:05:09
13 Laura Morris f 45 2:05:34
14 Jason Baldwin m 39 2:08:15
15 Philip Anthony m 44 2:08:52
16 Kyle Song m 35 2:09:43
17 Rob McDearmon m 44 2:10:22
18 Annie Ciernia f 29 2:10:39
19 Carl Tedesco m 45 2:13:18
20 Ethan Winner m 46 2:14:58
21 Jesse Dyrenforth m 45 2:15:04
22 Molly Kassouf f 44 2:15:13
23 Zach Johnson m 35 2:17:53
24 Michelle Racicot f 54 2:17:55
25 Alberto Guerrero m 41 2:18:43
26 John Hanson m 41 2:20:06
27 Arnold Gaunt m 53 2:20:50
28 Victoria Rochat f 24 2:20:55
29 Henk Overdevest m 50 2:21:25
30 Julie Santillan f 32 2:22:42
31 Jenny Fritzsche f 49 2:22:58
32 Natalie Punt f 31 2:24:23
33 Chip Butera m 56 2:24:44
34 Jonathan Resnick m 54 2:25:10
35 Mike LaBella m 47 2:25:11
36 Kurt Erlandson m 60 2:28:52
37 Nate Lampert m 38 2:29:56
38 John Kerschbaum m 39 2:31:00
39 Mark Song m 64 2:31:28
40 Julie Canales f 44 2:31:57
41 Jorge Escobar m 44 2:31:57
42 Heather D'Anna f 30 2:32:15
43 Aleks Karfanti f 35 2:32:22
44 Darryl Shedarowich m 54 2:32:36
45 Robert Church m 43 2:33:56
46 John Thrane m 52 2:34:20
47 Scott White m 50 2:34:28
48 Elizabeth Epstein f 60 2:36:07
49 Kim Giminez f 50 2:36:07
50 Steve Merrilees m 53 2:37:18
51 Susan Winkelman f 35 2:39:31
52 Diana Greenwood f 52 2:40:08
53 Gerald Yahr m 54 2:40:08
54 Linda Kessman f 55 2:42:30
55 Jenny Hagen f 30 2:43:43
56 Ian Weller m 36 2:44:16
57 Michael Pederson m 25 2:45:03
58 Steven Vanslyke m 48 2:46:24
59 Kristin Thorkelson f 43 2:46:57
60 Jeanene Warren f 45 2:47:34
61 Kenjai Sakai m 47 2:48:08
62 Akifumi Yamamoto m 54 2:48:32
63 Vincent Lombardi m 37 2:48:57
64 Debbie Penko f 37 2:49:13
65 Scott Homan m 54 2:50:20
66 Jim Fricks m 62 2:52:28
67 Michelle Barton f 44 2:53:25
68 Art Acebedo m 48 2:54:20
69 Terri Fricks f 61 2:55:45
70 Erin Reasoner f 40 2:55:46
71 Judy Nikolenko f 47 2:59:21
72 Abby Olson f 25 3:00:10
73 Mark Lindemann m 58 3:01:22
74 Katrina Taylor f 27 3:02:04
75 Jody Ricks f 48 3:02:35
76 Marty Taylor m 51 3:12:50
77 Tracy Cole f 36 3:16:50
78 Nina de Ocampo f 40 3:16:50
79 Mike Stein m 44 3:25:48
80 Emmett Rahl m 43 3:28:38
81 Cathy Du Puis f 42 3:39:32
82 Lil Herger f 55 3:39:33
83 Doug Malewicki m 75 3:40:54
84 Jeff Ryder m 57 3:43:04
85 Shumin Guo m 32 4:37:11
86 Raul Ruiz m 43 4:56:40
87 Jeremy Nelson m 35 5:10:05

21K photos provided by Jon Clark, Jess Dyrenforth & Doug Malewicki
(click on any any picture to see a larger detailed version)
(If you want the original full size files of any of these photos to print out, EMail: DMalewicki@cox.net
Identify it by section, row and column.  Free of course.)

DOUG M. NOTE: Arnold Gaunt wore a head mounted video camera during the 21K.  I now have all of his .MOV files and am editing them down to 6 to 10 short clips of the most interesting sections of our 21K.  Look for the links to view each by Wednesday. 
A Big Baz first!



Glen Racz, 35 - 1st Overall

Dean Dobberteen, 39 - 2nd Overall

Mark Donaldson, 51 - 3rd Overall

Matt Ruiz

Matt Kafka

Jimmy Adames

Gilbert Salazar

Evodio Neri

Mike Bell

Jezza Fetzer

Laura Morris, 45 - 1st Overall Woman

Steve De La Cruz

Gilbert Salazar

Philip Anthony

Alberto Guerrero

Annie Ciernia, 29 - 2nd Overall Woman

Molly Kassouf, 44 - 3rd Overall Woman

Jesse Dyrenforth

Carl Tedesco

Arnold Gaunt

Chip Butera

Henk Overdevest

Julie Santillan

Natalie Punt

Jon Resnick

Jon above Lake Elsinore

Jenny Fritzsche

John Kerschbaum

Mike LaBella

Jorge Escobar

Jorge with Julie Canales

Kurt Erlandson & Darryl Shedarowich

Mark Song

 Robert Church

John Thrane

Kim Giminez

Elizabeth Epstein

Scott White

Steve Merrilees

Ian Weller & Vincent Lombardi

Susan Winkelman with Geezer Doug Malewicki

Lina Kessman gobombing downhill with Lake Elsinore way down there.

Steven Vanslyke

Jeanene Warren

Kristin Thorkelson

Kenjai Sakai

Akifumi Yamamoto


Debbie Penko

Michelle Barton

Michele with Dad Doug Malewicki

Now we can start the AWARDS!


Matt Ruiz 1st in 30-39 AND 4th overall.

Arnold Gaunt 1st 50-59

Kurt Erlandson

Baz & Kurt  1st in 60-69

Doug Malewicki, 75  1st in 70+

Jenny Fritzsche, 1st in 40-49

Molly Kassouf  3rd overall woman

Baz loves his job!

Laura Morris 1st over all woman


Mark Donaldson, 51  3rd overall

Dean Dobberteen 2nd overall


  Julia Holt & Rick Herr working the timing table (and earlier all the registration). 



Valentine's RAFFLE time everybody!

First off I am raffling off these lost Nissan Car keys.

Oh No - Rob McDearmon's win was "something" in A Victoria's Secret bag!  Whoa.  Turned out to be a Duck Dynasty Chia Pet!

Linda Kessman brought homemade jams and other goodies for Baz to give out for the Valentine's raffle.

Halt the raffle - here comes two runners to the finish!!

Nina de Ocampo & Tracy Cole

Dad gets a negative calorie Valentine heart cookie from Michelle.

Elizabeth Epstein won a Jamba Juice gift card!
Doug impersonating Big Baz yelling at runners who dare talk during his speeches!

(Why That's Fascinating!)


Thanks to Jess Dyrenforth for the outstanding photo!


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Next up is the 12K on February 28th, then the 30K on March 7th.