January 31, 2015
18K Results

Winter Trail Run Series 18K  Story - January 31, 2015

Well what do you say; we are so bloody lucky to have what we have up at the WTRS.  If I could bottle it, I think I could make millions. The 71 starters had a little delay… a mate who was not in the race was out on the trail and took a tumble and broke a bone in his foot.  No details at the moment, but when I hear how he is I will let everyone know.  Jonathan Resnick, a long-time friend appeared at Blue Jay just as the race was starting.  He asked me for help out on the trail… took only seconds for me to ask for a couple of big blokes to rescue a fallen runner.  Me mate big Scott White, wino Mark Linderman and a new mate to our series Hiram Alcala, threw up their arms to help.  Within 10 minutes they returned back at Blue Jay and where ready to run after rescuing Mike Antrim.

It was a cool morning, so I kept the pre-race chat short…. Really nice to see new faces….. Especially the four handsome Navy blokes from down SD way.  My main gaze is always on the gorgeous Sheila’s that enjoy the trails… 22 in all turned up to tackle the tough 18K.  My mate Doug had made an early start, not such a good week for him with suffering with the bad flu that is going around.  He was out there with his camera and checking to make sure Big Bazza’s trail markings where still up.  He gave me top marks for my Friday sub 4 hour hiking & trail marking adventure with Steve, who helped trim back a few head eye branches.  Bill and Sandy checked everyone in and started the race after our short delay…  Must say sorry - I forgot their morning coffee.

Wasn’t long before me old mate Dean Dobberteen took control, was missing in action last year.  Yes, there where a few bikers out on the course and they were well behaved as usual. Big Dean was happy with his finish time, only a couple of minutes in front of first timer Andrew Kline.  48 year old Rick Herr ran his usual controlled race coming in third overall and without taking a fall.  I am impressed with me old long time mate, but sorry to say his magic wife Julia was taking a piddle when he crossed the finish line.  Mark Donaldson at the grand old age of 51 was happy with his 4th place and handsome Matt Ruiz was sure happy to finish well after having his dad take on more health challenges.  Thanks for returning Mr. Cox…

Lovely Laura Morris was again happy with her performance, second in the 15K but a win in the 18K sure makes your day. Local charmer Michelle Barton was second and gave me a very sweaty hug at the finish line, or was she just happy to see me!  Tiffany Forster was third and really impressed her main squeeze… as did Tony Kline, wife of Andrew.

My new support team of Jezza and Matt helping with the awards presentation worked, all I have to do is hug and hand out goodies…. What a job.  Sorry I lost my English Quiz questions… but Julia helped with a few nice Tuffies. (Harder questions) I think all went well for the noisy gathering, a few laughs and a quiet drink. Sorry to say none of the young Sheila’s hanging around believed I was a Playboy once!!! Old age sucks!  While I still enjoy my day in charge, I hope to continue with the job as RD. Hope you all enjoy me enjoying myself.  Of course, my mum would not approve!

I have 25 series sweat shirts to get ready, anyone who didn’t sign up, must get back to me via email, name and size, name and size!  I do need a couple of volunteers for the 21K, having a pick-up would help to man a station on the Main Divide Road.  Thanks again to my 3 medical helpers, your service will be rewarded, I know runner Mike is real happy. Lastly I must congratulate me mates Jason Baldwin and his lovely wife on their first child, a little beauty who enjoyed her first visit to Blue Jay. Must mention they first met 4 years ago at the WTRS… Magic!  That is your lot until the next time, must watch my early morning UK soccer and empty my dead wine bottles… Thanks.  

  See you all again in 2 weeks hopefully. 
Until that time, enjoy being the best you can.  

Love Big BAZ XXX  


Results - 2015WTRS 18K - January 31

1 Dean Dobberteen m 39 1:21:04
2 Andrew Kline m 27 1:23:12
3 Rick Herr m 48 1:25:35
4 Mark Donaldson m 51 1:26:36
5 Matt Ruiz m 34 1:28:40
6 Darren Cox m 44 1:29:20
7 Steve Lind m 54 1:31:21
8 Jason Baldwin m 39 1:31:56
9 Jimmy Adames m 47 1:33:52
10 Jezza Fetzer m 44 1:40:02
11 Steve De La Cruz m 40 1:41:04
12 Laura Morris f 45 1:42:30
13 Scott Corgan m 30 1:43:01
14 Jess Dyrenforth m 45 1:45:19
15 John Hanson m 41 1:47:14
16 Ryan Privatsky m 47 1:48:40
17 Anthony Phillip m 44 1:49:25
18 Henk Overdevest m 50 1:49:40
19 Michelle Barton f 44 1:51:16
20 David Anderson m 52 1:52:43
21 David Wilson m 53 1:52:56
22 Vincent Lombardi m 37 1:54:17
23 Chip Butera m 56 1:55:07
24 Eric Villalobos m 37 1:55:12
25 Kevin Brown m 39 1:55:20
26 Robert Church m 43 1:55:49
27 Hiram Alcala m 42 1:55:49
28 Tiffany Forster f 29 1:55:58
29 Tony Kline f 25 1:57:44
30 Greg Tice m 58 1:58:06
31 Kurt Erlandson m 60 1:58:34
32 Ian Weller m 36 1:58:40
33 Dave Bourguignon m 42 1:58:50
34 Bill McDermott m 63 1:59:18
35 Diana Greenwood f 52 1:59:35
36 Jenny Fritzsche f 49 2:00:02
37 Mark Turner m 51 2:00:42
38 Scott White m 50 2:01:03
39 Julia Santillan f 32 2:01:46
40 John Thrane m 56 2:02:03
41 Heather D'Anna f 30 2:02:03
42 Jay Reale m 50 2:02:19
43 Gerald Yahr m 54 2:02:57
44 Linda Kessman f 55 2:03:19
45 Stephen Van Slyke m 48 2:04:26
46 Jolene Walsh f 41 2:06:15
47 Charlie Bachmann m 61 2:06:15
48 Sean Callahan m 44 2:09:28
49 Jim Fricks m 62 2:10:12
50 Karyn Greene f 53 2:10:52
51 Mark Lindemann m 58 2:10:59
52 Vicki Reale f 41 2:11:33
53 Jeanne Warren f 45 2:16:58
54 Scott Honan m 54 2:17:49
55 John Loeschhorn m 70 2:18:19
56 Marty Taylor m 51 2:19:39
57 Aurora Santillan f 13 2:27:41
58 Steve Harvey m 70 2:28:48
59 Jody Ricks f 48 2:28:53
60 Maria Case f 38 2:29:39
61 Christy Mann f 42 2:29:39
62 Erin Reasoner f 40 2:32:00
63 Judy Nickolenko f 47 2:32:00
64 Jonathan Davis m 33 2:33:37
65 Alan Bonnemaison m 49 2:33:39
66 Anna Leigh Gomez f 31 2:34:26
67 Michael Stein m 44 2:42:44
68 Lucy Salazar f 54 2:54:54
69 Gilbert Salazar m 41 2:55:05
70 Doug Malewicki m 75 2:55:05
71 Terri Fricks f 60 2:56:01


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18K race photos contributed by Jess Dyrenforth & Doug Malewicki.



The view of the clouds over Lake Elsinore from our alternate back way route into Blue Jay.




Diana Greenwood receivers her 1st place in age medal from Big Baz

Diana finished 5th overall woman and 1st in age in 1:59:35

(Baz's prayers have been answered!!!)

Aurora (13) and mom Julia Santillan (32) with their 1st place in age medals

Tiffany Foster 3rd place overall woman in 1:55:58.

Michell Barton 2nd place overall woman in 1:15:16

Laura Morris 1st place overall woman in 1:42:30.



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