January 17, 2015
15K Results

Winter Trail Run Series 15K Report - January 17, 2015

Good afternoon boys and girls and others.  I am just opening a very nice bottle of Penfolds, Koonunga Hill, Shiraz, trust me I love my Auzie wines and I have supped some stuff at the very location this fancy bottle was corked.  Life is good after having a magic day up at Blue Jay with 80 or so of my best mates. Obviously I am sorry we had to cancel the 12K, but shit happens even in Southern California.  The new date February 28th seems to be acceptable by most.

Like a lot of people I got the bad flu over Christmas even though I had had the injection… still sucks. But I am OK now and was happy to get the first race of the series underway.  Judging by the finishers comments all went well; trust me we had to do a lot of work on the trail to make it happen. The Forest Service went along with me on the safety of the course, they know I wouldn’t lie!  Of course, we might have to wait a while longer to remove all the rocks and root… hey it is the same for everyone!  Nice to see a few newbies, one hopes they enjoyed a perfect weather day in the woods. Maybe the bikers are a problem, but most are courteous enough.  Our leader did suffer one slight confrontation, but it obviously didn’t stop his high rate of speed on a tough trail and, yes, he saw Catalina Island from Sugar Loaf.  As you know I have to go out on the course to remark a turn to get you back to Blue Jay, who should catch me as I got back to my truck at the iron gate, yes Jamison Smith.  All smiles of course… his time is close to a record I am sure… he can run and look good at the same time!  Me long time mate Rick Herr enjoyed his run and came in second, followed by the new father of the month Kurt Whittington. Sun tanned 51 year old Mark Donaldson cruised in with a respectable time.

In the women’s division a 53 year-old took first place, but Debra Okano was only 100 seconds in front of lovely Laura Morris, with local race director Molly Kassouf taking third. A new rising star, 13 year old Amy Lambert came in 4th woman overall with a happy face followed closely by dad. All 20 women finishers caught my eye… as they do!

Jezza and Philip helped with the awards, both now 100 mile distance runners/racers and good looking to.  Hope the awards and the mega-magic raffle went down OK… it’s all a bit of fun we have after a tough run.  Be aware, however, that the unnamed talkers in our midst that shamelessly detract from my magnificent monologues will selectively slowly disappear.  Why? Because I have called a few of my pugilist mates to clean house!  If you get the drift!

My second in command Julia Holt… Rick's wife… has had a bad week, besides having to go back to school, her good mate and long-time work friend Matt Ruiz’s father has just been released from hospital with serious health problems.  Her first need is to support Matt’s family, so they left early and returned to Corona.  Seems many of our friends including close friends of mine have been suffering, we should all be grateful we are living the good life to be able to enjoy stuff we enjoy.

Yes, we have the 18K in two weeks… I will make sure all is ready to enjoy a magic day at Blue Jay Campground.  Just a request, our local Police Ranger stopped me before I closed the iron gate… seems some of you are driving just a little too fast when leaving Lower Blue Jay.  The camp ground is used by lots of folks including children and some visitors complained, so if we can all slow down, Magic. We are so lucky to be able to use the area, having been running on the trails myself for over 34 years I must admit I have seen all the changes, I am just hoping this old body can make a comeback to give my mate Doug Malewicki a challenge, we will see! Thanks for coming, enjoy every day and keep hugging and smiling, with some red wine thrown in.  I think I will have another,   Much Love Big BAZ XXX

PS. Runners running 4 of the 5 race series will get a nice series sweat shirt, But you must let me know sizes, etc. soon and yes, I have more race shirts for those who run 2 races.

Love Big BAZ XXX

Results - 2015WTRS 15K - January 17th

1 Jamison Smith m 36 1:09:22
2 Rick Herr m 48 1:14:40
3 Kurt Whittington m 37 1:15:39
4 Mark Donaldson m 51 1:17:23
5 Justin Mejia m 21 1:17:31
6 Zach Wilcox m 25 1:18:21
7 Jimmy Adames m 47 1:18:25
8 Jason Baldwim m 39 1:20:00
9 Rob McDearmon m 43 1:25:08
10 Jezza Fetzer m 44 1:25:16
11 Emil Blevins m 42 1:26:27
12 Debra Okano f 53 1:27:13
13 Laura Morris f 45 1:28:53
14 Phillip Anthony m 44 1:29:21
15 Scott Corgan m 30 1:30:24
16 Molly Kassouf f 44 1:30:41
17 Doug Pitchford m 44 1:31:20
18 Nate Lampert m 38 1:32:19
19 John Clickinbeard m 50 1:32:36
20 Jess Dyrenforth m 45 1:32:47
21 Kevin Brown m 39 1:34:29
22 Eric Villalobos m 37 1:34:29
23 Scott McMaster m 52 1:34:43
24 Amy Lambert f 13 1:34:53
25 Graham Lambert m 47 1:34:56
26 David Wilson m 53 1:35:30
27 PJ Quealy m 39 1:36:33
28 Chip Butera m 56 1:36:46
29 Henk Overdevest m 50 1:37:27
30 Tiffany Forster f 29 1:39:28
31 Yolanda Conner f 41 1:39:55
32 Larry Davidson m 58 1:39:59
33 John Thrane m 56 1:41:40
34 Diana Greenwood f 52 1:41:48
35 Greg Tice m 58 1:42:17
36 Natalie Punt f 31 1:43:00
37 Sean Callahan m 44 1:43:05
38 Dave Bourguignon m 42 1:43:39
39 Kurt Erlandson m 60 1:43:49
40 Jonathan Resnick m 54 1:44:15
41 Gerald Yahr m 54 1:44:27
42 Heather D'Anna f 30 1:44:55
43 Mark Turner m 51 1:45:34
44 Stephen Van Slyke m 48 1:48:12
45 Amy Nissen f 40 1:48:35
46 Rick Hicksted m 44 1:48:42
47 Janelly Farias f 24 1:48:43
48 Charlie Bachmann m 61 1:48:54
49 Bill McDermott m 63 1:49:12
50 Mark Lindemann m 58 1:50:20
51 Alan Spalding m 58 1:50:22
52 Kevin McKee m 52 1:55:12
53 John Loeschorn m 70 1:55:29
54 Jeanene Warren f 45 1:56:30
55 Jenny Fritzsche f 49 1:59:08
56 Erin Reasoner f 40 2:00:11
57 Michelle Barton f 43 2:01:05
58 Scott Homan m 54 2:01:05
59 Marty Taylor m 51 2:04:16
60 Mark Eickhoff m 53 2:05:42
61 Steve Harvey m 70 2:06:45
62 Hans Duncan m 61 2:07:11
63 Brian Beach m 38 2:09:17
64 Alan Bonnemaison m 49 2:10:08
65 Brooke Haselton f 42 2:12:33
66 Judy Nickolenko f 47 2:17:12
67 Craig Reese m 50 2:19:31
68 Ron Keith m 56 2:19:31
69 Elizabeth Bachmann f 52 2:20:07
70 Jared Newman m 43 2:22:22
71 Michael Stein m 44 2:22:22
72 Maggie Cohn f 31 2:23:13
73 Stephen De La Cruz m 40 2:23:13
74 Juan Alouso m 30 2:24:27
75 Gilbert Salazar m 41 2:27:05
76 Lucy Salazar f 54 2:27:07
77 Brian Klaus m 56 2:29:00
78 John Nowak m 51 2:29:45
79 Jeanne Seskey f 49 2:31:33
80 Doug Malewicki m 75 2:36:32

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15K race photos contributed by Jess Dyrenforth, Michelle Barton & Doug Malewicki


The Big Baz marking the 15K course the previous afternoon.

Perfect.  No rocks & no ruts!


1st place overall Jamison Smith whizzing by on his way to a 1:09:22 win.





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