February 28, 2015
12K Results
HAPPY 23rd Anniversary to the WTRS & Big Baz, RD

Winter Trail Run Series WTRS 12K Story - January 4, 2014

There was only one unhappy person this morning… Dean Dobberteen's van broke down and we didn’t get to see his smiling face in Blue Jay, but he will be at the 30K.  As for yours truly, it really is hard to put into words, nice ones of course, how much I enjoy my Saturday mornings up at Blue Jay.  I am so f----g lucky to be able to show off, just a little… and have such magic people around to enjoy the races.  It really is a team effort, having Julia, Rick, Matt and big Scott on race day to take control of all the real hard work and I get to play. For those who came for the first time to a series race I do hope you enjoyed the fun, the magic trails and all the new friends you met.  As for all the scallywags that want to bring me down and make my life miserable every race… I am not easily bent over, as you might say!  I am sorry the weather wasn’t a typical Southern Cal winters day, but I did my best. There were no complaints, not even from Doug the oldest old fart out there.

I was sorry for the 53 runners who did not make it, besides Big Dean, but the 67 finishers , judging by the nice comments where totally satisfied. To one question I was asked several times, yes, if I don’t fall off the perch before next January we will do the WTRS again next winter. 

As for the race, all went well out on the tough 12K course, even the little rain we had was accepted.  Me mate Leon was still walking out when I took my trip to change the marking…. So good to see him back on the trails.  We had 24 of the best looking Sheilas in the race (Sheilas are women in Ozzie lingo) As for the blokes we had a new series winner again, Big Rick Herr ran a magic race as always, finishing only 80 seconds in front of Mark Donaldson.  The two oldies did good to beat me math teacher mate Matt Ruiz, with our local military mate Justin Mejia coming in fourth.  To close out the top ten finishers was our favorite speedster Laura Morris, she just loves winning.  Thirteen year old Amy Lambert just beat her dad Graham to place second with mum Catherine coming in third place in the women’s division. The oldest Sheila was my good mate Linda Kessman.  Of course, all these women are much too young for this old bloke… shame!

Well folks we have one last race next week, the 30K… I hope you can make it.  I am still looking for a couple to help man an aid station down on Chiquita Trail, call if you can help.  I think we have been doing the WTRS about 24 years and I have been at the game 31 years now!  Over all those years I have met some magic people and like I have said, being in the sport as a runner and RD I am so bloody happy I made it this far. If only I could turn up in running shorts and join in the competition.  That would be worth giving up sex and my red wine… OK, OK just the wine!  I do have my magic Shadow of the Giants 50K and 20K Fun Run on June 6th this year up in Fish Camp, California… This will be the 26th year. Before I close, again I want to thank you all for all the hugs and kisses, but Dave B will have to cut back on wanting to touch me… once is enough!!!!  If I don’t get to see you all next week, just keep enjoying your running on the trails, be good to each other and dink more red.  Much Love Big BAZ XX

Ps… Thanks to all my help, Jezza included (the checks are in the mail!)

   Results - 2015 WTRS 12K - February 28 
1 Rick Herr m 48 1:01:28
2 Mark Donaldson m 51 1:02:48
3 Matt Ruiz m 34 1:03:18
4 Justin Mejia m 21 1:04:23
5 Kurt Whittington m 37 1:06:12
6 Jimmy Adames m 47 1:06:31
7 Jason Baldwin m 39 1:07:34
8 Carlos Vasquez m 52 1:09:02
9 Jezza Fetzer m 44 1:09:39
10 Laura Morris f 45 1:16:10
11 Aaron Cooney m 42 1:16:24
12 Ace Gallegos m 40 1:17:19
13 Phillip Anthony m 44 1:17:32
14 Clint McCall m 49 1:18:02
15 David Anderson m 52 1:18:30
16 Amy Lambert f 13 1:18:45
17 Graham Lambert m 48 1:18:46
18 Nate Lampert m 38 1:19:49
19 Catherine Lambert f 47 1:20:10
20 Jasmine McGill f 20 1:23:04
21 Geoff Smith m 39 1:23:10
22 Chip Butera m 56 1:23:12
23 Eric Smalstig m 47 1:23:21
24 Jenny Fritzsche f 49 1:23:30
25 Kelley Hundley f 41 1:23:44
26 David Wilson m 53 1:23:47
27 Gery Taylor m 34 1:23:52
28 Julie Santillan f 32 1:24:55
29 Dave Bourguignon m 42 1:26:45
30 Stephen Van Slyke m 48 1:27:30
31 Michelle Barton f 44 1:28:09
32 Kurt Erlandson m 60 1:28:09
33 Diana Greenwood f 52 1:28:21
34 Jeanne Kurtzer f 45 1:30:28
35 Mark Turner m 51 1:32:03
36 Kevin Brown m 39 1:32:11
37 Terra Atwood f 18 1:32:12
38 Louise Thornber f 46 1:33:14
39 Jay Reale m 51 1:33:24
40 Charlie Bachmann m 61 1:35:11
41 Doug Burnette m 30 1:35:13
42 Jonathan Davis m 33 1:35:20
43 Brian Stowe m 53 1:35:28
44 Kristin Blaney f 44 1:36:55
45 Vicki Reale f 51 1:37:25
46 Brian McLeod m 55 1:37:29
47 Bruce Urquhart m 59 1:37:33
48 Mark Lindemann m 58 1:37:35
49 Karyn Greene f 53 1:37:40
50 Linda Kessman f 55 1:37:57
51 Shannon Langer f 42 1:39:30
52 Art Acebedo m 48 1:39:33
53 Jeanene Warren f 45 1:39:36
54 Judy Nickolenko f 47 1:40:58
55 Anna Rack-Gomer f 31 1:42:04
56 Ken Dempster m 44 1:43:32
57 Lauren Jepson f 31 1:44:00
58 Trish Arbogast f 51 1:47:56
59 Dave Whittington m 70 1:49:04
60 Hans Duncan m 62 1:51:24
61 Aurora Santillan f 13 1:53:33
62 Andrew Bisom m 59 1:55:38
63 Elizabeth Bachmann f 52 1:59:41
64 Doug Malewicki m 75 2:02:40
65 Chris Diaz m 55 2:02:40
66 Luis Viloria m 49 2:10:22
67 Leon Gray m 70 2:43:22


PHOTOS WILL BE POSTED BY SUNDAY AFTERNOON, with contributions from others added over the next few days.
12K Photos by... Michele Barton & Doug Malewicki
please email corrections to DMalewicki@cox.net.  Thanks.

(Click on any any picture to see a larger detailed version)
(If you want an original full size of any of these photos to print out, EMail: DMalewicki@cox.net
Identify it by section, row and column.  Free of course.  Baz will buy me a Starbucks next month!)



Famous RD Big Baz Hawley

Baz and his protégé Michelle Barton

With the indomitable Leon Gray

Karyn Geene

Ken Dempster


Geezer Doug - 76 next month :-(

OK runners. - Listen up!
#1 - I promise there will be no rain today.
#2 - Also I have personally removed every rock and sawed away every root on the 12 K course...


Wet heads Doug and Chris Diaz within yards of the finish

Doug & Chris run through the finish line to attack (& hug) Big Baz!

First time WTRS runner Luis Viloria is really happy as he approaches the finish.


Rick Herr FIRST overall with wife Julia

David Bourguignonin in his traditional anti-breast cancer outfit with Michelle


Justin Mejia, winner of the 20-29 age group award

Kurt Whittington

Kurt was 1st in age 30-39

Paparazzi avoider receives award

Kurt Erlandson gets 1st in 60-69

Dave Whittington gets 1st in 70+

Yes - Dave is Kurt's dad!

Catherine Lambert 3rd overall woman

Amy Lambert

Amy, age 13 came in 2nd OVERALL woman in a time of 1:18:45!

Carlos Vasquez, winner of the 50-59 age group award

Laura Morris 1st overall woman - again!

Matt Ruiz 3rd overall

Mark Donaldson 2nd overall

Rick Herr 1st overall

Post race fun and  WTRS RAFFLE GOODIES!

Lots of award goodies being tossed to the runners!

Kurt Erlandson, Michelle, Ken Dempster and Doug


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