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Big Baz's "2014" Trail Races

The Forest Service limits the number of runners to 150.  Sign up early!

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Saturday November 1, 2014
Same Place, Same Time.

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2014 Jan 4

Winter Trail Run Series

(If you haven't done a   
trail race before, click
Beginner's Page )

12K 1,310'
(was 2,604')
Jan 18 15K 1,327'
(was 3,502')
Feb 1 18K 1,429'
(was 4,020')
Feb 15 21K 2,850'
Feb 23 Big Baz BASHAROO Party Party photos -
March 1 San Juan Trail 50K 50K-Cancelled Ortega closed (big storms)
Nov 1 San Juan Trail 50K Rescheduled-50K 5.633'
June 7 Shadow of the Giants 50K
     and 20K FUN RUN!
50K 3,750'


Results & photos from all 2007 through 2013 Big Baz races: Click HERE

Big Baz wants to recommend these Nov 15. 2014 - 50K and 50 Mile trail races
to his fellow Fresno, Oakhurst and Yosemite area trail runner friends
Go to.....  www.sanjoaquinrunning.com

 Wednesday May 7, 2014
A personal note to all from Big Baz

Morning one and all.  Big BAZ here just for those who take time to check on my activities on my site.
Well firstly I had to cancel SJT50K on March 1st, bummer!  But the new date seems to be ok with me and
the local Forest Service.... November 1st.  Runners that want to forward their existing entry will be
charged an additional $30 (send check please) before October 4th.  Those wanting to just enter the race
will pay the original price using existing entry forms or on-line using Race360.  Hope you understand, email
me if you have a problem.

As many of you know my long time good mate Doug Malewicki reached the grand old age of 75.  To
celebrate (in his way) he decided on a 75 mile, 3 day challenge from La Jolla to his home in Irvine.  So me
being the good bloke offered to join him on the first day, some 27 miles, ota. Well prior to my joining him I
made a doctor visit to see if my tummy pain was going to be a problem.  He tells me I have a Hernia... the
second in 4 years!  So knowing my problem I decided to still help the old prick and suffer what ever.  The
day went well until about 15 miles going through one of the magic coastal towns on Highway 1.  We had a
nice lunch and got back up to speed, obviously Doug monitoring every bloody step with his 2 solar
powered gadgets on his wrists.  One did give out I might add at about 23 miles!!!! Ha Ha.  Anyway
knowing my pain would return at sometime on the course, it did, lucky for me I found a bus-stop seat to
rest on.  The magic weather really helped except for some sand gusts near the beaches.  As we entered
he south part of Oceanside my suffering got worst, but with those kind words from my partner... "come
on we are close to the finish" we made it to the hotel we had stayed at the night before... lucky for Doug
he had cold beer in the ice box.  Anyway I drove home thinking to myself how much damage I had caused
myself and whether to sue the old fart.  Besides losing 2 toe nails and the tummy pain I think I did OK....
Doug went on for another two days to finish the 75 miles, with the support of a few good mates.

Baz with Geezer Doug in
Oceanside Harbor.

Entering Torrey Pines
State Park.

Finally - some Pacific
Ocean views.

March 26, 2014
La Jolla to Oceanside.

A gorgeous day to be on
foot for 27 miles along
the Coast.

Anyway I made made an appointment for surgery on a Friday... that ended up being cancelled cos my
EKG pulse reading was 150 and the doc decided not to operate.  I had a cardio visit and ultra sound
test... all systems were fine so back to the slab in Newport.  My good mate Keiffy Boy took me and
eturned me to Laguna Woods.  My fridge was stocked with food and the wine rack was full.  Having
lready suffered through one Hernia op I thought I would just grin and bare the pain and suffering,
knowing I must leave OC and return to my home in Oakhurst to prepare for the 25th running of the
Shadow of the Giants 50K. Well here I am today at my little property with so much yard work and prep
for Shadow, but still suffering.  Yes I have local friends, the weather is ok... snow in Fish Camp twice in
2 weeks, but my attempt at my first long walk in the woods soon told me to back off.  So that is where I
stand with less than a month till race day June 7.  All will be fine I am sure, after 30 years of race
directing I seem to have all my ducks in a row especially my trusty volunteers.  Seems a few old faces
are attending this year thinking it could be the last Shadow, but after receiving above average entry
numbers at this time, I feel that maybe I reconsider my retirement plans.

So to all my mates who bother to take an interest in this old Wanker I hope your year is going a little
better than mine.   Maybe see you at Shadow, if not the SJT50K on November 1st.  To confirm, I will
attempt one final year up at Blue Jay Campground for the WTRS.  Then I think the final curtain may
fall.... we will see after a few wines, I could change me mind.   

Much Love Big BAZ XX

December 23, 2013

3 page color article by our
 ultrarunner pal GREG HARDESTY
 on Big Baz & his "MAGIC" WTRS
 (Winter Trail Run Series). 

Click HERE to read the article &
 see photos of over a dozen fellow
 WTRS runners.

Big Baz has been running trails for decades! This 1984 picture is from their OLD GOATS running group
 while running the famous Grand Canyon R2R2R (Rim to Rim to Rim).  Big Baz is all the way on the right!

 "Big Baz" greeting the New Year & at age 32 with Doug Malewicki's brand new 1972 Porsche 914
(Taken in 1973, back when "the ladies" regularly mistook him for either Evel Knievel or Paul Newman.)


A few scenes from Big Baz's Magic Trail Races!
(Click on any photo on Big Baz's website to see a larger version)

Pre-race gathering at Blue Jay Campground

They're OFF!


Bill & Sandy





Matt & Jezza
leaving Blue Jay 

Girls in the WTRS
Cleveland National Forest

Matt happy to see Big Baz
at the FINISH line

Winter Trail Series winner Jon Clark


Mrs. Fitzer with
WTRS award winning tot

Article on Big Baz's 2012 Shadow of the Giants 50K
the Fresno Bee newspaper
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Speedsters Greg and Amy Friedman from Lafayette, CO with their first place awards

RD Big Baz with old friend
and fellow old fart Doug

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